HOUGHTON – The Green Team has met with success, cleaning up areas including Houghton, Killarney and Norwood.

March 30, 2019

The Vision Tactical Green Team has collected more than 10 000 bags of rubbish and rubble across Houghton, Killarney, Norwood and surrounding areas since the launch of their project in January this year.

The community care initiative began in response to complaints of illegal dumping from the community.

Director of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba said, “Bringing in a team of passionate individuals to clean up and strive towards litter free surroundings, the operation has created job opportunities for the unemployed and also provides these individuals with a sustainable source of income.”

The Green Team currently employs six full-time members and intends to expand this month to employ another three members and take on a second vehicle to expand their reach.

The Green Team wishes to thank Freeway Toyota, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, ER24, Al’s Hardware, the Lower Houghton Residents Association and the Killarney Residents Association for their collaboration and support of the project.

Killarney Rosebank Gazette


Saturday 2 March 2019


Since the launch of the Vision Tactical Green Team on the 15th of January 2019, six thousand bags of litter have been dumped. 

We are satisfied that we are doing our bit to give back to the community by helping to not only keep our suburbs safe, but also contribute towards a cleaner litter free environment and create job opportunities for the unemployed, said Yaseen Theba – director of Vision Tactical. 

Local residents contributed to this by not only volunteering their time, but also being proactive in helping the Green Team identify areas that need attention. 

The Green Team initiative has been put into motion as a result of an incredible collaboration with the Freeway Group, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, ER24, Shell, Lower Houghton Residents Association, Lahers & AL’s Hardware. 

“We appreciate the partnerships and support from the companies and organisations that realise that they have a share in the responsibility to reduce litter, added Theba.

As part of the Green Team initiative, Vision Tactical is analysing sources of street litter and mapping the areas. This is helping to focus outreach efforts and volunteer events where the Green Team will have the most effect. 



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Cleaning up in more ways than one!

HOUGHTON – Local security company enhances their green footprint by launching a clean-up campaign.

Rosebank Killarney Gazette – 17th January 2019

Members of the Green Team Wallington Chisale, Brandon Kamsela, directors of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba and Feroz Essay, and Abdulla Nazeel get ready to clean up the neighbourhood.

Following a number of calls from the public complaining about illegal dumping across the Houghton area, Vision Tactical security service launched their Green Team initiative.

The Green Team has employed four full-time workers to clean up the areas of Houghton, Killarney, Norwood and surrounding areas.

With the aim to build an unpolluted and safe environment while driving sustainable change, the Green Team hopes to increase their visibility in the area to drive environmental awareness.

Director of Vision Tactical Yaseen Theba said, “While we may not have a solution to stop illegal dumping, we felt that it’s our responsibility to assist the municipality with initiatives like this so that we can keep our public spaces clean.”

Theba said that the team, who wears green overalls, is equipped with sufficient tools and gear to clean up the area.

“We encourage our clients, the community and businesses in the area to support and volunteer towards the initiative. We believe it’s a win-win for everyone to be involved,” said Theba.

They wish to thank Freeway Toyota, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, ER24, AL’s Hardware and many other partners for their collaboration and support. The Green Team is associated with the Lower Houghton Residents Association and the Killarney Residents Association. They have also received the support of Ward 73 Councillor Eleanor Huggett and director of Region E Liziwe Ntshinga-Makoro.


For Immediate Release
Tuesday, 15 January, 2019

Cleaning up in more ways than one!

Vision Tactical has been at the forefront of private security and protection services around Johannesburg since its launch in 2014. With the dawn of a new year, filled with renewed opportunities, Vision Tactical is proud to launch its latest operation – the Green Team!

The Green Team is a vision in execution. Vision Tactical’s way of further enhancing the suburbs it serves. Bringing in a team of passionate individuals to clean up and strive towards litter free surroundings. The operation creates job opportunities for the unemployed and provides these individuals with a sustainable source of income.

“It’s not just about cleaning our public spaces every Mandela Day… we need to make every day a Mandela Day and continuously strive to keep our suburbs clean’, said Yaseen Theba, Director of Vision Tactical. The aim of the Green Team is to build an unpolluted and safe environment, while driving sustainable social change, Theba added.

Look out for the members of the Green Team who are truly dedicated to the preservation of our environment – you will recognise them by their green overalls and friendly smiles! The team is equipped with sufficient tools and gear to effectively clean up the area.

The Green Team initiative has been put into motion as a result of an incredible collaboration with Freeway Toyota, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, ER24, AL’s Hardware among others and is associated with the Lower Houghton Residents Association and the Killarney Residents Association.

Eleanor Huggett, Councillor for Ward 73 has pledged her support for the Green Team, and will engage with themembers & partners of the initiative so that the Green Team can benefit the community at large. Liziwe Ntshinga-Makoro, the director of Region E has also commended the initiative.

“The Nelson Mandela Foundation, is pleased that the Houghton Community is building awareness and making good efforts to keeping a clean and safe community that is caring’, said Yase Godlo, the Manager of Mandela Day and Outreach for The Nelson Mandela Foundation.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”, said Ridwaan Laher, the CEO of the Freeway Group” We are proud to contribute to the Green Team and challenge other corporates to also pledge their support, he added.

The Green Team – Keeping it clean…

Call the dedicated line on : 065 1 333 333

Web : www.greenteam.co.za

On twitter: @VTacGreenTeam



Media Enquiries:
Yaseen Theba
+27 64 400 0000 yaseen@visiontactical.co.za

“I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree.” We’d like to believe that Joyce Kilmer drew inspiration from Jacaranda trees in bloom when she wrote her famous poem.

While Pretoria may be unofficially known as the Jacaranda City with more than 70,000 trees lining its streets, it is Johannesburg that actually has more Jacaranda trees, with the first tree planted at Charlton Terrace in Doornfontein back in the early forties.

Jacarandas are in bloom from late September to the middle of November, draping our urban neighbourhood and concrete jungle in magnificent shades of purple and blue.

Who introduced the first Jacaranda trees to Johannesburg?

According to Joburg City Parks, William Nelson from Nelsonia Nurseries in Turffontein had planted nearly 30 million trees, shrubs and plants for general distribution, and planted approximately 106 kilometres of trees along the streets of Kensington by the turn of the 19th century.

We spoke to Mark Kaplan, owner and manager at the Munro Boutique Hotel in Upper Houghton, where some of the most beautiful views of Johannesburg’s Jacaranda trees can be enjoyed. The views from Munro Drive are spectacular, and you can see Magaliesberg mountain ridge on a good day.

“Pretoria is built in a valley between two hills, so a lot of people spend time high and look down onto the orchards, whereas in Johannesburg you just have to drive down the street to see them. You can’t see them en masse like you can here.”

According to Kaplan, Joburg boasts “the largest man-made urban forest in the world. Cities like Brazil have bigger forests, but they’re natural. But this is a man-made forest because this was all grassland.”

Jacaranda trees are a threat to the environment

He explained that the trees had been banned for many years, but that has been overturned and nurseries are allowed to sell them again. They were classified as a ‘category three invader’ in 2001 because Jacarandas invade water sources.

“All these trees have been planted, indigenous trees that have been brought in from other parts of the country, but they don’t belong here naturally. It’s an exotic, and it comes from South America.”

However, when the Jacaranda trees were banned, officials categorised the tree under a particular category of invasive species, which allows municipalities to keep existing trees “but not to replant them when they die.”

“Those moments under the shade of the Jacaranda trees on the vicarage lawn were the most pleasant of the trial …” – Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom.

Where to view Jacarandas in bloom in Johannesburg?

Apart from the views from the scenic and historical Munro Drive in Houghton, there are several other spots around Johannesburg offering superb views. Melville is a must-visit as the purple Jacaranda blossoms are contrasted against the pink bougainvillaea on 4th Avenue.

We also suggest taking a stroll down Jameson and Victoria Avenues in Melrose, while the James and Ethel Gray Park offer a unique view of the Observatory Ridge and the spectacular jacaranda views against the downtown skyline.

If you are in Greenside or Emmarentia, remember to take a trip down Clovelly Street, as well as Galway Road in the neighbouring Parkview where a magnificent purple canopy of purple blossoms awaits you.